Stuart’s January 2022 Message – Starting the Year Like a Test Pilot

In 2020 we took our first baby steps, while simultaneously, dealing with the realities of a pandemic.

In 2021, still blanketed by the black cloud of Covid, we continued to expand our base, conducting webinars, hosting vineyard tours, and rounding out the year with, what members described as: “first-class events”. In October, we celebrated harvest with an outstanding Harvest Dinner at Tamarack Junction and held our first Annual Membership Meeting at the Blackrock Wine Company in November. To close out the year, we gathered at the Washoe Public House in Reno for a warm and joyous Holiday Party.

Now it’s 2022 . . . and we have high expectations for you! Even Chuck Yeager would be impressed.

First, we’re allocating $5,300 (30%) of our financial resources towards Education and $4,500 to Outreach/PR in 2022. Combined ($9,800) is double our entire budget in 2021.

For Members-Only, quarterly Dual-Track Grape Growing & Winemaking Roundtables will address a list of TO-DO’s that members should be working on in each quarter
TMCC reached out to NGGW and asked us to offer a beginner’s course on Grape Growing in Nevada over summer in ’22. We’ve expanded the offering to include Winemaking 101. Kathie Russell graciously stepped up to lead the grape growing course and Greg Ross will lead the winemaking course
Throughout the year we’ll be hosting “Feedback Friday’s” where small groups of members will meet and compare their wines to commercially available wine.
From April/May through August, members will start hosting vineyard tours again, and we’ll also provide the well-received bottled wine and fermenting juice evaluation events
NGGW, UNR and DFI are fully committed to conducting varietal research and we’ll also work closely together to offer other resources to grape growers and winemakers in Nevada
And Education is not just for members; we’re launching an aggressive Outreach/PR program to start educating the general public about Nevada’s grape and wine industry

Ambitious? Yes! Yet clearly, everything is necessary, and required, essential, and a start.

How can “we” accomplish it all? In five words: “many hands make light work”.

When YOU see (and personally benefit from) the fruits of our labor, EVERYONE WINS. In return, I’m NOT asking YOU to do ALL the jobs. You’ll be pleased to know that I’m restricting YOU to ONE. But don’t procrastinate. Please step up and take ONE job.

Back to Chuck Yeager. Collectively, when we work together, we have “The Right Stuff” within our Association to make it happen. Together, let’s “cause it to happen”.


To accomplish the Education, Outreach/PR and other objectives (listed above), we need money. We’ve set quantifiable goals for revenue that YOU can help with, such as:

Help Adrain increase the number of Full ($100) Members from 39 > 60. That’s $6,000
Help Adrian increase the number of Associate Members ($50) from 8 > 18. That’s $900.
Help support the NGGW/UNR/DFI partnership – we’re budgeting for UNR to contribute $10,000 in ‘22
Help Dan Shore find Bronze/Silver & Gold Sponsors to contribute a total of $2,500
Help us find 5 sponsors for the 5 vineyard tours @ $100 each ($500 in total)

– Vice President, Adrian Dyette, is our Membership Chair. Please offer to help him with our membership goals.
– Dan Shore has stepped up to serve as our Fundraising Chair. Please step up and offer to help Dan.

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