Stuart’s September Message

Covid may still be “running amuck” but life and work goes on; grape harvesting is in full swing throughout the state, in Dyer and Armargosa Valley in the south to Spanish Springs in the north. Good luck everyone.

2nd Annual Harvest Dinner Expanded to Include Guests: this year at Tamarack Junction we have more space (and even though we may be restricted to tables of 2, 4 or 6 depending on the Covid situation in mid-October), we have planned on room for guests. Don’t miss out . . . make your reservation today by sending an email to and let us know if you plan on having guests at your table. We’re planning for 60 people in total. We’re working around everyone’s busy work-life schedules at this time, but we do expect to meet with the Chefs soon – and the dinner menu should be available shortly thereafter.

Harvest Photos: WE NEED PHOTOS PLEASE. We want to “show off” your amazing vineyard and harvest on the NGGW website and during our Harvest Dinner Celebration on October 14. Please tell us about your harvest (varieties, pounds/tons, special events/fundraising, BBQ, etc.)


Announcing Changes to Two New Membership Categories:
1. Associate Members: When we chartered NGGW, first-year dues were set at $100 and members were required to have a vineyard and/or be making wine. We maintained this structure in 2021, established FOUNDING MEMBERS, and allowed Associate Members to join for $50. We have since validated what the Associate Member requirements are; starting in 2022 Associate Members will need to be “associated” with one or more members and participate in a regular member’s vineyard and/or winemaking efforts. We believe that associate members will get much more out of the organization, regular members can get a helping hand if they desire, and it will strengthen our bonds. We imagine full members having 5-10-20 Associate Members associated with their vineyard or winemaking facility.
2. Corporate and Institutional Members & Sponsors: we are enthusiastically working on this new structure for higher levels of membership and sponsorship in NGGW and expect to have the framework established by the November Annual Meeting so we can start offering companies, institutions, and sponsors the opportunity to participate in our organization. We will likely establish “metal” Membership and Sponsor categories such as:
• Bronze: $250.00 – $999.00
• Silver $1,000.00 – $4,999.99
• Gold: $5,000.00 – $9,999.99
• Platinum: $10,000+
Nevada Grapes for Sale
Basin & Range (Krag) has Nevada grapes for sale. Please the see NGGW Blog for full details


September 01-30: NGGW & DRI Data Collection on Grape Varieties

The Desert Farming Initiative (DFI) is a collaboration between the University of Nevada, Reno College of Business, College of Agriculture, Biotechnology, and Natural Resources, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension, and community groups. They work toward three goals; Education, Research, and Outreach.

DFI and NGGW leadership have held discussions over the past few months on a collaborative effort to collect grape variety data in Nevada and use this to help vineyards prosper. We now have a green light for this important project and Riesling is the first variety we will collect data on. If you have Riesling vines, contact a NGGW Board Member ASAP or send us an email.

Wednesday 22nd (5-6 PM) Zoom: Round-table on Malolactic Fermentation
Malolactic Fermentation (secondary fermentation, MLF or ML for short) is the process in which malic acid in wine is converted to lactic acid. Mostly all red wines and some white wines go through ML after initial fermentation. Contrary to regular or primary fermentation (where yeast converts sugar into alcohol), ML is caused by bacteria.
NGGW members requested this ML session so here ‘ya go! An open discussion with lots of time for Q & A
• (10 Mins) ML, the Purpose & Benifits – Discussion led by Dave Perdue, Peavine Cellars
• (10 mins) ML Chemistry – Discussion led by John Klacking, PhD. DoubleBond Wine
• (10 Mins) ML Testing – Discussion led by Adrian Dyette, Dyette Family Vineyards
• (30 Mins) Round-table Discussion – all participants


Thursday 14th (5-9 PM) 2nd Annual Harvest Dinner Celebration at Tamarack Junction

Another “one of those nights”: award-winning wines paired with 5 course dinner created for NGGW.

Another NGGW “special event” you’ll likely talk about for many years – a major milestone for us.

Another exclusive: Executive Chef, Jakon Tolhurst is very excited to be involved in this special occasion.

Watch for more details and if you are already all in RSVP Now.


Wednesday 3rd (5-7 PM) NGGW Annual Meeting (Location TBD)

Given the COVID pandemic in our inaugural year (2020), this will be our first Annual Meeting –
and we’d certainly like to see all members at this very important event. As soon as we have determined the best location for this meeting, we’ll let you know more details.
November – Date TDB from (5-7 PM) Members New Wine Evaluation
The top winemakers from around the world NEVER stop learning. They are open new ideas, new techniques, new tricks, and new products. They NEVER stop improving their mind and approach to make great wine.
Most winemakers acknowledge the fact that they don’t know everything there is to know about making great wine. The logic of these two evaluation events, therefore, is to provide members with the opportunity to review their early-stage wine with successful commercial winemakers at two (2) critical stages; the New Wine Evaluation will be held in November AND 2nd (progressing wine) Evaluation will be held sometime in January or February.
Adam Hand (Great Basin Winery) will supervise the first evaluation event and Mark Henry (Montolivia Vineyard & Winery in Grass Valley) will “lend-Hand-a-hand” 😊 Sorry, couldn’t help myself!
As we get closer we’ll provide specific information. Please let us know that you want to take advantage of this opportunity so we can prepare a visit-schedule and everyone will have equal time:


Members Annual Holiday Party – Wednesday, December 8th

Champagne Welcome: NGGW will (again) buy everyone a glass of Champagne for starters.
Holiday Menu: Wild River will prepare a festive Holiday Menu for our exclusive party.
BYOW: NGGW will buy the Champagne from WRG’s wine list at list price and you’re allowed to bring 1 bottle of wine from your cellar to enjoy without a corkage fee.


Thank You,
Stuart Michell

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