Winemakers Evaluation Days

We are planning 3 days each year for winemakers to have their wines evaluated by either a pro wine maker or by Sommeliers.  In the late fall after wines have fermented and when gross adjustments can be made, in the late winter when wines can be fine tuned, and in the summer for bottled wines.

  • WINE JUDGING  - of finished and bottled wines by local sommeliers tentatively set for mid June with the goal of judging to determine how they standup to their standard and giving recommendations for future vintages
  • FIRST EVALUATION - of new wines by expert winemakers tentatively set for mid November with the goal of helping to identity needs and recommending adjustments
  • SECOND EVALUATION - of young wines by expert winemakers tentatively set for mid February with the goal of fine tuning wines for the aging process

Sensory Tastings Recordings

Join us for a Sensory tasting class details to enhance your critical tasting ability and learn basic aspects of sensory evaluation often overlooked in most wine tastings.  Better tasting will help you make better wine.

FOR NGGW MEMBERS: 1 Course/4 Classes/15 Members/30 People/4 x 90-Minutes

The fee for this event is $175 (for a couple) and includes 10 wines (see details), which we will purchase for you.

Lets get ready to Evaluate our 10 wines
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