January 2021 Meeting - 1/6/2021 at 5 PM on ZOOM

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The 2020 harvesting season is in full swing. To confirm, we DID NOT schedule an event for September as members are very busy harvesting grapes. Members: if we don't have your harvest pic please send then to us and also please start sending us information (varieties, pounds/tonnes, data) about your harvest along with photos so we can document this year’s harvest. Back to top of page More 2020 Harvest Back to top of page More 2020 Harvest Back to top of page Lenox: Our August event was hosted by Mike & Christine Lenox in Silver Springs. What an amazing story; the vineyard was started with 250 vines by Mike’s father and now has over 1400, mostly Riesling, but also Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Merlot, and Chardonnay.  He thought Riesling was the perfect grape for Northern Nevada and now they supply grapes to Bently Distillery and NGGW member, Sunset Winery (Mike & Alynn) in addition to making some wine for the family. Mike has plans to finish planting the vacant land adjacent to the vineyard and he has also acquired Frey’s Churchill Vineyard wine making equipment with plans of opening a commercial processing facility at their business property in town. Mike & Christine were gracious hosts, concluding the tour with BBQ tri tip and an assortment of side dishes and Nevada-made wines brought by the members who “spread out” across the tables and delved into serious discussions on how to grow grapes in Nevada and make award winning wine. Back to top of page Altman's: NGGW members met at Fred & Jill Altmann’s lovely home and vineyard on July 18th. Attendees followed Nevada’s COVID-19 guidelines, wearing masks (except when tasting Fred’s Frontenac wine collection from 2012 thru’ to 2019) and we all practiced distancing from each other. Frontenac is Fred’s main varietal, with a recent small planting of one white.   Our next event is scheduled for August 15th at the Lenox Vineyard in Silver Springs at 0900 and we’ll get you the address before then. Back to top of page Twin Mustang:  Founding members, Jason & Deb Schultz, hoisted the first event of the year in February at their home & vineyard in Spanish Springs and 18 growers and winemakers attended the onsite tour. Jason covered the entire “List of Concerns” (compiled by the NGGW founders as a guide for the onsite tour hosts). The open format gave everyone the opportunity to ask Jason questions – which they did throughout the tour – and the 3-hour session was split 50/50 into vineyard management and winemaking facility. Most attendees stayed to enjoy the assortment of Twin Mustang wine along with bottles brought by the attendees along with savory bites. Thank you jason & deb for “setting the bar” for the first monthly onsite tour. Back to top of page Email Us