Wine Sensory Tasting Class Presented by NGGW
Joins us for a Sensory tasting class to enhance your critical tasting ability and learn basic aspects of sensory evaluation often overlooked in most wine tastings, thus enhancing your wine making abilities.
Spend 4 Saturdays for 90 minutes with friends and family and other NGGW members via ZOOM for a virtual wine experience lead by expert wine master.  There is a small fee that goes to NGGW plus the cost of the 10 wines.  Class is limited to 15 couples.  Pay on the Education Page

Legislative Issues
See our new Legislative Issues Page  and a summary of what is effecting the Nevada Wine, Beer and Spirits producers in the upcoming Legislative Session


Joe Bernardo's Nevada Wine Academy is now in its 5th year of existence.  He offers a one year class on basic grape growing and winemaking.    The school teaches a 101 class from the basics of growing grapes to making the wine.  Participants manage a small portion of a vineyard and reap most of the benefits (wine).  The classes start with the ground and then to the vine, and then from vine to bottle.  All are welcome who are interested in growing their own grapes or making wine, so check it out.

January Zoom Meeting
Join us for our 2021 kickoff Virtual ZOOM Meeting on Wednesday January 6th
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