2023 NGGW Calendar

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Upcoming Events
We have events throughout the year, socials, vineyard tours, winemaker dinners, celebrations, and others, so stay informed and RSVP on our events page.
Upcoming Education
Growing good grapes and making great wine is a matter of knowledge and then putting that knowledge to work. There are several ways to gain knowledge; learning from mistakes, trial and error, and education. Why not take the easy and, sometimes fastest and least inexpensive, learn it from our education offerings.
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We have finished planning for the year and our calendar is now available. Please download it and then come back here and check for updates. We will also have a newsletter out shortly, so keep and eye open for it.
Pam and Jaclyn did a great job organizing our Holiday gathering on the 2nd Wednesday of February. Watch for other exciting events on the 2nd Wednesday of most months.

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