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Saturday, March 20th 5-6 PM
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  • Meet Dani Morris – Wine & beer educator, wine consultant and event organizer
  • The Chemilizer Liquid Fertilizer Injection System, Complimentary Soil Test & More . . . Guest Speaker: Ken Ollenberger, Agronomist for Itronics, Reno, NV
  • Seasonal Q&A –  ask about seasonal topics

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Our Guest Speaker

. . . is the fertilizer guru, Ken Ollenberger, Agronomist for Itronics Metallurgical, Inc., the manufacturer of GOLD’nGRO right here in Reno, Nevada.  Ken graduated with a degree in Agronomy from UC-Chico in 1972.  That’s correct, 1972. Ken has worked (exclusively) in the fertilizer industry now for 49 years, so (like the Allstate guy) he knows a thing or two, having worked in all phases of the industry; fertilizer application, equipment setup, retail sales and fertilizer manufacture representative.

Why You Should Attend This Zoom Meeting . . .

Chelated micronutrient fertilizers are used as supplements to crucial minerals like nitrogen and phosphate, zinc and potassium. By utilizing chelated micronutrients, you are ensuring your vines receive the exact nutrient elements they need; no more, no less
NGGW Member’s Complimentary Soil Test
First, Ken and his team conduct a complimentary soil test (see sample below). Based on the findings, each vineyard will then have its very own specialty fertilizer formula – developed through years of field studies – designed to generate more nutrient crops and an increased yield. Learn more:

Chemilizer™ HN55 Injector – 1:128
The HN55 utilizes a unique diaphragm driven water motor and a hardened, positive displacement chemical pump ensuring a high level of accuracy. Ratio is one (1) gallon of Liquinox Liquid Fertilizer to 250 gallons of water applied. That’s 1 part fertilizer to 250 parts water!


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