Vineyard Bio
The Londons purchased a piece of land in SW Reno, built a home, and planted some vines thinking it would be a great way to spend our extra time! They signed up for the Wine Academy course with Joe Bernardo. The vines at the front of the property are Semillon. Half were replanted this year. They all appear to be thriving. At the back of the property on the hill are Malbec and Petite Pearl. Most appear to be growing. This is the second attempt at growing the Malbec and the first attempt at Petite Pearl. It is our hope to one year pick and bottle. They say that NGGW is their inspiration for accomplishing that goal.
Grapes Grown - Wines Made
Semillon, Malbec and Petite Pearl
NGGW Nickname
Gary & Rebecca London
Reno - Southwest
Nevada Vineyard Owners