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J Bar M Cellars and Vineyard This is a passionate project that all came to fruition on May 10th, 2014 when we planted our first vines! The prior 5 years were- seeing if I had a significant chance of success to grow wine grapes in Reno, NV. The next step was to prove to my wife I wasn’t crazy. I had been making wine for several years with grapes purchased from California. I bring the fruit home where I have a small home winemaking facility. Now I was ready to plant my own grapes. To have the best chance of being successful I did a lot of reading, took online vineyard course from Washington State University, taking online and live winemaking classes at UC Davis and had a consultant from Napa Valley come over to pick his brain. As with most meaningful projects, there were challenges and setbacks. I was committed to making sure it was not just another nice idea that never happened. "Soil to Bottle"- There is a significant amount of pride to be responsible with every step of the process. Parcel details 1.5 acres total with about .7 acres in vineyard Vineyard site was previously planted as pasture land Vineyard details Row spacing 6.5 ft, vine spacing 4 ft between plants- high density planting 980 vines total on native root stock -200 Cabernet Sauvignon - 240 Merlot -120 Cabernet Franc -140 Riesling - 90 Sauvignon Blanc - 50 Chardonnay - 43 Pinot Gris - 48 Semillon - 48 Syrah
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West Reno
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