Formal Membership is limited to Nevada Grape Growers and/or Winemakers (Home or Commercial) and those that are willing to support our efforts. (Existing members do not need to resubmit the form, only pay annual membership (button at bottom right))

Membership Levels *

  • General Member – $100 Annual (Pay Below)
  • Associate Member – $50.00 Annual (Pay Below)
  • Bronze: $250.00 – $999.00 (Contact NGGW Treasurer for Payment Info)
  • Silver $1,000.00 – $4,999.99 (Contact NGGW Treasurer for Payment Info)
  • Gold: $5,000.00 – $9,999.99 (Contact NGGW Treasurer for Payment Info)
  • Platinum: $10,000+ (Contact NGGW Treasurer for Payment Info)

Member Login  

Annual full membership is $100* ($50 after June 30th for new members only, and $100 after September 30th for the remainder of the current year and all of the next future year, also for new members only) and can be paid by sending a check to Nevada Grape Growers and Winemakers (or just NGGW), 660 Valle Verde Dr., Sparks, NV 89441. We have now set up an online account to accept payments by credit card or Paypal (the small processing convenience fee is added).

Associate membership is $50* yearly and entitles the associate member to participate in social events (space available) and in online meetings (also space available). Normally associate members are excluded from in person meetings and classes.

Supporters and contributors are not considered members, but may be invited to participate.

* NGGW is a non-profit Corp., but not a 501(c)(3) charity, so contact a tax professional about tax deductions.