TMCC Wine Making Class in August
Greg Ross’s “Winemaking 101” course kicks off in August (see TMCC class page for dates and to register). This is a great course to share with friends or family, or to attend yourself to up your skills. A full syllabus will be available soon, but for now Gerg's, the BIG 3 topics (3 classes) are:
  1.  Beginning Winemaking 101
  2.  How to ferment, clarify, blend and prepare for bottling
  3.  Making wine "from Soup to Nuts"

Bottled Wine Evaluation on July 30th Cancelled

Dual-Track Roundtable on July 16th

9 – 10:15 AM: Grape Growing Session (Discussion led by Kathie Russell)

It’s mid-July; in southern Nevada, grapes are experiencing veraison, while in northern Nevada, it’s barely mid-season. In either case, there’s a lot going on in (and around) your vineyard. For newcomers and old hands alike, enjoy a second cup of coffee on Saturday morning and listen in and/or participate in this fact-packed round table session. Even if it’s just a refresher to double check your TO-DO list, it will be time well . . . . (continue reading)    

10:30 – 11:45 AM: Winemaking Session (Discussion led by Greg Ross)

In Greg’s “Preparation for Bottling” session, the discussion will zero in on fermentation sugars, SO2 reading for reds and whites, total acidity (TA) for reds and whites, and testing for Malolactic Fermentation (is it complete, or not).

And assuming these are all in order, the round table will move on to review the steps to take to prepare for bottling . . . . (continue reading)  

RSVP Dual Track Roundtable

Join Zoom at

Dial in 312-626-6799, Code 81723943267#

Dual-Track Roundtable on April 16th
Greg Ross, NGGW “Dean of Education” along with his special guest, Neil Collins, Head Winemaker for Tablas Creek Vineyard, will lead the roundtable discussion on clarification, filtering, oak, and bottling. - - - Greg's Roundtable Introduction - - -
Kathie Russell, Palomino Vines, will lead the discussion on irrigation, winter kill damage, pests and diseases, spray schedule, pruning and initial training.

2022 Education Offerings

NGGW Introduces: Dual-Track Grape Growing and Wine Making Education Series
Our new Dual-track Education Round-table Series will cover seasonal grape growing and wine making topics in an online Zoom format once a quarter on a Saturday morning.  The track leaders (and if scheduled, special guest speakers) will cover seasonable topics selected by the education committee and/or requested by our members.  The agenda will be published in advance and the meeting will be spit into two sessions, grape growing, followed by wine making. Watch for our announcements in our newsletter and on the Events Page.  Conducted in Feb, May, Aug, and Nov.
Feedback Friday
NGGW is introducing Feedback Fridays, where one Friday a month 5 members will be able to bring a bottle of their own wine and also must bring a bottle of the same commercial varietal they aspire to be like. Greg Ross will lead this peer evaluation of member's wine, allowing all members in attendance to evaluate and comment on each of the 10 wines. This will be a great opportunity to receive comments and suggestions. BUT, you must be willing to put on your learning cap and leave the ego cap at home. There is no better way to learn! All full members are welcome to attend the evaluation.  Watch for our announcements in our newsletter and on the Events Page.  The first 5 members that RSVP for the month will be included.
Professional Wine Evaluation
Starting in March NGGW will again offer three yearly professional evaluations of member's wines; in the spring a new wine evaluation, in the summer an evaluation of your bottled wine, and in the fall an evaluation of your newly fermented wine.  Adam Hand (Founder of Great Basin Winery) has graciously offered to host these evaluation and along with guest winemakers, they will evaluate your wines to give you early insight into how you may improve them, either before bottling or in the future. Watch for our announcements in our newsletter and on the Events Page.  Members are usually limited to two (2) wines per event, as we are planning on 10 winemakers submitting 2 wines each (20 in total). If there’s an opportunity for you to bring 3 (or even 4) wines, we’ll let you know prior to the date.
  Classes at TMCC

TMCC reached out to us in December 2021 looking for somebody to teach a grape growing class for beginners and after a couple of weeks discussing it we decided to teach not only a grape growing class, but also a wine making class.  Our focus will be to provide the novice with the skills to get started and overcome the fear of failure.  Kathie Russell of Palomino Vines will lead Grape Growing and Greg Ross will lead Wine Making.  Kathie's classes are three Saturday sessions starting in May, and Greg will follow with 3 wine making sessions just before the harvest season.  As part of TMCC's Community Education Program, they will charge a small fee and it will be open to the community and to all NGGW members.  We believe this would be the perfect opportunity for our associate members to dive a little deeper in the hobby. Watch for the announcements in our newsletter and on the Events Page.


Vineyard Tours

Our Vineyard Tours are no only fun, but they are educational, because a lot of learning comes from seeing and hearing what others are doing in their vineyards and wine cellars.   Beside that aspect, we are going to add a short more formal element to each tour. It could be a guest speaker, a demonstration, or a discussion. It won't be very long, but it will be relevant. We are planning for five vineyard tours in 2022 starting in April and ending in August.  Keep your eyes open for the upcoming dates and locations on our events page, and email us to be included.


Wine Professional Speakers

With the help of Desert Farming Initiative (DFI) we are planning to bring Grape Growing and Wine Making Professionals to you to help in this great profession/hobby.  These may be daytime presentations at the Innevation Center, Wine Maker Dinners, or even in the field.   Keep your eyes open for the upcoming dates and locations on our events page, and email us to be included.
 Below Happened in 2021

2nd Winemakers Evaluation

Our 2nd wine evaluation will be at 4th St Wineries (415 E 4th St, Reno, NV) on Wednesday,  November 17th, 5 PM, with the goal of providing members with the opportunity to review their new wine with successful commercial winemakers at an early stage so that adjustments maybe made if needed.  Adam Hand (Great Basin Winery) will supervise the first evaluation along with Mark Henry (Montolivia Vineyard & Winery in Grass Valley.

Winemakers should bring 350ml of each wine to be evaluated along with 2 copies of the Evaluation Form for each wine.  Our commercial winemakers will evaluate your wine and give you recommendations on how it may be improved  (testing will not be performed.)

Malolactic Fermentation Round-table

The Malolactic Fermentation Zoom Round-table has moved to September 22nd at 5 PM (we'll send the link in the Sept Newsletter.  Malolactic fermentation, Secondary fermentation, MLF or ML for short, is the process in which malic acid in wine is converted to lactic acid. It's a nature process, but winemakers usually start it themselves for most red wines and some white wines to ensure their wines go through ML after primary fermentation. Contrary to regular or primary fermentation (where yeast converts sugar into alcohol), ML is caused by a harmless bacteria. We will discuss the basics and try to answer any questions you may have.

1st Winemakers Evaluation Event

Our first evaluation is of finished and bottled wines by local sommeliers and will be on June 26th at Engine 8 Urban Winery (1260 Avenue of the Oaks Unit 150, Sparks NV in Victorian Sq) at 9 AM (get there by 8:30 to complete registration). Three (3) local sommeliers have donated their time to evaluate your wine and provide tasting notes and suggestions. The goal of judging is to determine how your wines standup to their standard and giving recommendations for future vintages.  Don't be shy as this is all about helping you make better wine.

  • Pre-register by Email (tell us your name and the wines you are bringing). We only planned to evaluate 20 bottles of 10-20 members (1 bottles each and a 2nd bottle based on RSVP date until we reach a total of 20). More than 20 and the sommeliers will have killed their taste buds.
  • Cost (Donation Requested Of $5 A Bottle To Offset Food)
  • 8:30-9AM: Registration with Coffee & Danish. To save time, please
  • 9-11 AM: Evaluations by Type & Variety 11-Noon: Wine Tasting with Pizza

Winemakers Evaluation Days

We are planning 3 days each year for winemakers to have their wines evaluated by either a pro wine maker or by Sommeliers.  In the late fall after wines have fermented and when gross adjustments can be made, in the late winter when wines can be fine tuned, and in the summer for bottled wines.

  • WINE JUDGING  - of finished and bottled wines by local sommeliers tentatively set for mid June with the goal of judging to determine how they standup to their standard and giving recommendations for future vintages
  • FIRST EVALUATION - of new wines by expert winemakers tentatively set for mid November with the goal of helping to identity needs and recommending adjustments
  • SECOND EVALUATION - of young wines by expert winemakers tentatively set for mid February with the goal of fine tuning wines for the aging process

Sensory Tastings Recordings

Join us for a Sensory tasting class details to enhance your critical tasting ability and learn basic aspects of sensory evaluation often overlooked in most wine tastings.  Better tasting will help you make better wine.

FOR NGGW MEMBERS: 1 Course/4 Classes/15 Members/30 People/4 x 90-Minutes

The fee for this event is $175 (for a couple) and includes 10 wines (see details), which we will purchase for you.

Lets get ready to Evaluate our 10 wines

Here is what you need: