NGGW is now teaming with the Nevada Vineyard Academy.  Joe Bernardo’s Nevada Wine Academy is now in its 4th year of existence.  He offers a one year class on basic grape growing and winemaking.    The school teaches a 101 class from the basics of growing grapes to making the wine.  Participants manage a small portion of a vineyard and reap most of the benefits (wine).  The classes start with the ground and then to the vine, and then from vine to bottle.  All are welcome who are interested in growing their own grapes or making wine, so check it out.    A fee is charged to cover class materials, tastings, snacks, and lunches when there is a long day.


Contact Joe Bernardo

775-750-1801 or 775-345-7556

43 Mule Deer Court, Reno NV 89523

Online Application

Printable Application

2020 Class Schedule

Class Schedule (tentative)

3-21 Introduction

4-18 Tending vines – growth, bud break, etc.

5-16 Pruning/watering

6-20 Weeding, suckering, final pruning

7-18 Leaf pulling, berries drop, final touch up

8-15 Nets, watering, tie all plants

9-19 Test brix for sugars, talk about harvest

10-17 Pick grapes when ready, crush/de-stem, start fermentation

11-21 Test wine for acid, ph, sulfur, so2

12-19 Rack and taste wine – determine to add oak or not

1-16 Check wine, bottle or keep in barrel