- Annual (Jan-Dec) membership is $100 for one individual and one significant other living in the household -- ($50 after June 30th for new members only, and $100 after September 30th for the remainder of the current year and all of the next future year, also for new members only).

- You can pay by sending a check to Nevada Grape Growers and Winemakers (or just NGGW), 8495 Opal Station Dr. Reno NV 89506, by using a credit card, or by paying cash to the treasurer. - Please do not use Master Card if you have other cards, as we are charged an additional fee on top of normal processing fees (which we eat). - Refunds are only made via check   Please enter name, address, zip code and phone number exactly as it is on your statement, otherwise we get charged double fees.

Pay $100 Yearly Membership here by credit card (includes new members after September 30th) (participates in all activities)

Pay $50 for New Member (only) after June 30th and until December 31st here by credit card (participates in all activities)

Pay $50 for Yearly Associate Membership here by credit card (allows one associate to participate in Teleconferences and Social Events, and other activities as authorized for the calendar year)

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